An upstate New York restaurant is pleading with patrons to wear a mask, and to stop berating their staff. "Wear a mask, or walk on by."

Cavallario's Pizza, in Alexandria Bay, is expressing frustration with what they say is the 1% of patrons who refuse to wear a mask according to the Governor's Executive Orders.

We have to agree with them. If you can't follow the rules that allow a business to stay open, or you feel the need to berate employees - just stay home.

Credit: Cavallario's Pizza via Facebook
Credit: Cavallario's Pizza via Facebook

In a Facebook post, the restaurant explained their frustration with customers who refuse to wear masks, and, when asked, "curse at our employees and call them every name in the book." Cavallario's explains that they don't make the rules, but they must follow them.

"The state of New York has told us how we can operate as a business during these trying times. It's hard enough for us to deal with all the restrictions. For some of you to add to it is just another reason why it's hard to have employees that want to come in to work and deal with these situations."

"...If you don't want to wear them for the two minutes it takes you to walk to a table to be seated, where you can again take it off, then don't go out to eat. Think about my employees that have to wear it their entire shift."

The restaurant goes on to explain why they're frustrated.

"90% of the people come to the door without a mask on, 99% put it on when asked. 1% freak out, spout off their constitutional rights, ADA, medical problems, other restaurants or businesses didn't require it, or the best one is, we are from another state and it's not required."

"If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing one, then you probably should not be out anyways. Finally, if it is so important that you not wear a mask and spout off that it's because your state doesn't require one, then enjoy your state, I am sure it is beautiful and has some incredible restaurants and businesses, please go support them I am sure they would appreciate it."

"We didn't create the situation we are all in, we are just trying to get through it. Whether we agree with it or not, it's the law, and for better or worse, we are following it. Hearing people curse at our employees and calling them every name in the book is getting intolerable."

In conclusion, the restaurant says, "Wear a mask or walk on by."

You can see the full post HERE.

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