The owner of an Upstate New York deli is fed up with "thirsty bros" asking out his employees.

Daniel Chessare owns Saratoga's Broadway Deli, where he said his staff has been on the receiving end of a lot of unwanted attention lately. He told the Times-Union in Albany that while his staff had occasionally been hit on by customers since the deli opened two years ago, but  it's become a big problem in the last two weeks.

"Staff come and go, so I’m not sure if it’s because my staff now are particularly attractive or if it’s because people aren’t traveling, so these thirsty bros aren’t on vacation somewhere else," Chessare told the Times-Union. “But it’s been pretty common the last few weeks."

Chessare decided to take matters into his own hands, and after clearing it with his employees, he posted a PSA on the deli's Facebook page asking customers to "show some damn class."

Chessare told the Times-Union he's been in the service industry for 22 years and getting hit on is something that waitresses and bartenders have come to expect from male customers.

"I’ve seen and heard about a lot of waitresses getting hit on by customers and they fear that if they don’t act nice they won’t get that good tip," Chessare told the Times-Union.

But ironically, the "thirsty bros" hitting on employees at Saratoga's Broadway Deli aren't even giving the courtesy of a tip.

"If you are going to ask a girl out at least tip," the PSA reads. "How're you gonna look her in the eye, tap 'no tip' on the tablet, then follow it up with 'Hey baby, let's go out.' Cuz nothing says attractive like treating service people poorly."

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The post's comments are full of support for the deli and Chessare, and he told the Times-Union that since he posted the PSA on July 7, he hasn't heard any complaints from his staff. His PSA even encouraged new customers, especially women and waitresses, to stop by and try out the deli.

So to the "thirsty bros:" this PSA doesn't just apply when you visit Saratoga's Broadway Deli. Next time you think about being "thirsty," just order a glass of water, okay?

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