We heard rumors last week that the popular Syracuse restaurant chain, Tully's, was looking to come to New Hartford.

Sources told us management had confirmed that they were looking at the site where Zebbs used to be. Zebbs Bar and Grill closed after 27 years in New Hartford on Sunday, July 29th.

We went to the booth located at the State Fair this past Saturday, and spoke to one of the owners hoping he could give some answers.

He did confirm that they had, on two separate occasions, visited the site to see if they could open there. One of there visits was Monday, August 19th.

According to the owner, the building that homed Zebbs is in "pretty bad shape" and they are unsure if it's "worth it" to renovate and open a location there. But, they are looking into their options.

We made it a point to tell the owner that, from the feedback we received from our listeners, the Utica area would love for them to move in. But, from their response, it looks like they may need to hear that for themselves.

Take a minute and reach out to them to express how much you would LOVE for them to come here. Send a quick message to them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, letting them know that we'd love to have them here!

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