Even in the midst of a pandemic voters took to the polls Tuesday to make their selection in several primary elections at the local and national level.

GOP Congressional Primary (NY-22)

With Tuesday’s preliminary Primary election results in Claudia Tenney is claiming victory in the GOP race to take on Brindisi for NY-22.

Tenney released a statement saying in part, “Thank you to all of the voters who exercised their right to vote in this primary election. I am humbled to have the support of the Republican voters across NY-22.”

Preliminary in-person voting numbers indicated as of 11 p.m. Tuesday that Tenney was beating George Phillips with approximately 70% of the vote.

Tenney believes the margin of votes is too much for Phillips to be able to overcome, even after counting the absentee ballots.

Tenney was endorsed by President Trump, Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise and other notable Republicans.

She’ll face Democrat incumbent Congressman Anthony Brindisi in November.

Herkimer County Family Court Races

In a year where absentee ballots may have a bigger impact than ever before the candidates facing off in the Republican and Conservative primary races for Herkimer County Family Court Judge will have to wait a bit longer for results.

Board of Election officials released the unofficial results from in-person voting late Tuesday night.

In the Republican Primary Thad Luke appears to be leading his opponent, Mark Rose, by a slim margin of 93 votes. 1,476 to 1,383.

In the Conservative Party primary race, Rose is leading Luke by 10 votes. How many total people voted in that race? The total was 68. Rose leads Luke 39 to 29.

Absentee ballots still need to be collected, but if the two unofficial race outcomes remain the same, the two may face each other in the general election.

Joe Biden overwhelmingly won the state's Presidential primary for the democrat party over Bernie Sanders and already has enough delegates to clinch his party's nomination. President Trump won the Republican primary, as he was the only one on the ballot.

In all races, absentee and mail-in votes have yet to be counted and in some races, the official winner can't be declared until they're all collected. The health crisis forced several more absentee ballots to be sent in by voters.

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