If you've ever wanted to own a home on the water of the St. Lawrence River and the Thousand Islands in New York, now is your chance.

Located in the community of Oak Point New York, Acorn Point could be yours for $399,000. The property is for sale with Meyer Real Estate LLC:

Boasting 1.1 acres and nearly 700 feet of waterfront, the river frontage surrounds you on 3 sides of the peninsula with pristine, highly desirable 270 degree views of the river. The opportunity to own a rare piece of riverfront, with island-like privacy such as this, comes along once in a lifetime!

This home is located within the Thousand Islands with a 15 minute drive to Alexandria Bay and 30 minutes to the Ogdensburg- Prescott international bridge. The home was built in 1890, and comes with 816 square feet. You'll have 1 bedroom,  and 1 bath located on 1.10 acres of land.

Imagine spending your summers enjoying bonfires or relaxing in your chair on the flat rocks admiring the ships as they pass all while taking in breathtaking panoramic views. The downriver side of the property is protected offering an ideal spot to build a dock.

Along with the views, you'll get a screened in porch along the front and side of the cottage with open living and dining rooms. The downside, the kitchen is on the smaller side. Imagine the parties you could host, family get togethers, and truly just soak in the beauty of Upstate New York.

This home can be yours for $399,000 with Meyer Real Estate LLC. Learn more online here. Take a virtual tour of the home now, and check out some of the incredible views:

Home For Sale In The Thousand Islands Let's You Live Like Kings

If you've ever wanted to own a home on the water of the St. Lawrence River and the Thousand Islands in New York, now is your chance.

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Scuba Diving To These Brilliant Shipwrecks In The St Lawrence River- Thousand Islands

Have you ever wanted to scuba dive shipwrecks in the St. Lawrence River? Here's a few to check out in the Thousand Islands of the New York and Canadian border.

Scuba divers allegedly call the 1000 Islands the “Caribbean of the North” due to all the amazing places to check out. The Saint Lawrence River has been the main shipping route between the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean for centuries. That means you're able to see that history in the ships that line the bottom. According to South Eastern Ontario, divers can generally see 50 to 60 feet in front them most of the year, and 60 to 100 feet in the fall time. 

From wooden schooners to War of 1812 battleships to modern-day freighters, over 200 vessels met their fate here."

There are all sorts of local businesses and more that can help train you, or charter you, on these dives if you're interested. You can read more here.

Here's a list of some of the coolest dives to check out:

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