This typical looking ranch house in Van Buren, AR looks like a very nice place to raise a family. It was built in 1978, has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, almost 2900 square feet of living space, and a hidden dirty secret.

This 70's ranch house has a sex dungeon. Yes, you heard me right, a sex dungeon. For a mere $219,000 you get a nice looking suburban home with a strip club and sex room behind a hidden shelf.

The craziest thing about this listing on is that an entire family lived here with teenage kids. Did the kids know about the sex dungeon? Is that why they are moving because the kids found out? I'm really intrigued.

Check out the pictures of this one of a kind house for sale.

House For Sale With A Hidden Dirty Secret

I'm thinking you might want to negotiate a deep cleaning into the real estate sale on this one. Oh, and family-friendly showings are available.

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