If you're planning on some COVID-19 Halloween fun this year, we've got a great suggestion right here in Central New York.

Whiskey Hollow Road is west of Syracuse, near Baldwinsville, between Van Buren and Memphis. It has no buildings or houses and is closed to traffic at night. It's only a few miles in length and connects two larger throroughfares, and it also contains the Whiskey Hollow Nature Preserve.

The desolate, winding, mile-and-a-half dirt and gravel-packed stretch in the middle of Whiskey Hollow Road does have an eerie quality. And it's close to West Dead Creek. Of course it is.

There are ghost stories associated with the road, along with strange animal mutilations, and rumors of satanic rituals and secretive Ku Klux Klan meetings. One story recounted on weirdus.com details the observance of "a four-foot wide circle of animal bones..stripped of all fur, all skin, all muscle."

The road is well-known in the Syracuse area. In fact, according to Syracuse.com, some curious and enterprising teenagers filmed a movie about the road back in 2011. It was shot in the style of The Blair Witch Project. Here's the trailer:

Whiskey Hollow Road is not all bad, though, as bird watchers love this region, due to its great nature preserve.

Will you consider adding some of these types of road trips into your Halloween plans for 2020?

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