My family and I love a good food competition on Food Network. We watched Next Food Network Star, The Great Food Truck Race, Beat Bobby Flay, and just about every other Food Network competition show that has come out.

Out of all of these shows the one that has intrigued me the most has been Chopped. Now, I'm no slouch in the kitchen and I can whip up a pretty good meal when I want to, but I'm not ready for any competition on The Food Network, but maybe you are.

Ted Allen hosts Chopped and runs the chefs through challenges with a basket of surprising, sometimes really weird ingredients that they have to craft into a dish before the timer hits zero. Sounds easy right? Well, it could be if they didn't give you something crazy like spotted eel or arrowroot to make into a delicious quiche. It's not easy and believe me, it makes the competitors sweat. All this to win a $10,000 prize.

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So, if you think this sounds like fun you should sign up and audition. Producers of Chopped are looking for chefs to be on the show. The first step is auditioning with JS Casting in New York City. Apparently, there is a BBQ competition on Chopped in the near future because that is where their focus is right now. However, they are looking for professional chefs to compete outside of a BBQ competition too.

On the JS Casting website, they state they are looking for skilled, creative, and competitive professional BBQ chefs to compete on new episodes. Can you join the group of other professional chefs that have competed on Chopped from Upstate New York? Apply here and make us proud.


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