The ongoing debate about the new stadium that will be built in Orchard Park seems to be closer to reality. But what will the actual building be like? If you consider some of the other stadiums around the country, perhaps organizers should consider a win-win compromise?

In a perfect world, the fans could enjoy the game and not have to face the elements AND the weather would still be a contributing factor to the game itself. How about a design similar to that of the stadium where the Miami Dolphins play?


There is a partial roof over the fans that keeps the blazing sun off of the fans. That same style would help to block the wind and the rain/snow from pelting the Bills Mafia but that same weather could be an advantage to the Bills? I watched fans sit in the 300 level on the TOP ROW at the last game and they looked so cold! I felt bad for them but they may have enjoyed the elements in some way.

Last Time The Bills Won The AFC East At Home

This weekend, the Buffalo Bills will take on the New England Patriots for a Wildcard Playoff game. The weather looks downright frigid with temperatures predicted to be in the single digit range! Would a dome help keep everyone warm?Absolutely. But at the same time there is something special about the weather next to Lake Erie and the cold forecast sounds like a special challenge that most Bills fans seem ready to tackle.

Best 20 Bars in Western New York to Watch The Bills’ Playoffs Games

If you’re looking for the best place to watch the Bills’ journey through the playoffs, look no further than this list of the best 20 bars in Western New York that always make Bills game day extra special.

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