The Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots have been replaced. The Buffalo Bills are the new "America's Team." Twitter stats back up the theory, although there's plenty of room for interpretation.

As the 2020 NFL post-season unfolds, the folks at have presented the results of a state-by-state study of Twitter hashtags for NFL teams, like #BillsMafia, #FlyEaglesFly, #GoNiners and #RavensFlock. The findings from over 200,000 geotagged tweets: Bills fans rule in the greatest number of U.S. states. Here's the breakdown, according to an article and map posted by Buffalo TV station WKBW:

  • Buffalo Bills-7 states
  • Kansas City Chiefs-6
  • New England Patriots-6
  • Baltimore Ravens-5
  • Green Bay Packers-5
  • Philadelphia Eagles-5
  • Seattle Seahawks-4
  • San Francisco 49ers-4
  • Minnesota Vikings-3
  • New Orleans Saints -3
  • Tennessee Titans-1
  • Houston Texans-1

Now for the question marks. The Bills are the most popular team in all of New York State? More so than the Giants or Jets? The Philadelphia Eagles are #1 in Ohio and Georgia? What happened to Browns, Bengals and Falcons fans in their home states? The Dallas Cowboys are not only no longer "America's Team," they're not even #1 in Texas?

And speaking of question marks, can we trust the validity of social media statistics versus reality?

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