Did you know the device that measures the size of your feet was made in Syracuse, New York.

It's called the Brannock Device and was designed in 1927. Today it's the standard foot measuring tool for the footwear industry. But few know its name and even less know it was invented by Charles Brannock who was born into the shoe business.

In 1906 Brannock's father, Otis,  joined with Ernest Parks and opened the Park-Brannock Shoe Co. in Syracuse. Back then, feet were measured with a block of wood. So while at Syracuse University, Charles built a new shoe-measuring prototype using an Erector set. In 1926 and 1927, he patented it and created a company to build it.

The company expanded during World War II after the Army hired Brannock to make sure boots and shoes fit enlisted men.

The Brannock Device is sold all over the world. Angela Morrow discovered one all the way in Germany. "Discovered these gems at the Podiatry clinic in Landstuhl Germany, the Army Medical center."

Photo Credit - Angela Morrow
Photo Credit - Angela Morrow

Brannock died in 1993 at the age of 89. His device still remains the standard measuring device for the footwear industry today. Over a million devices have been sold and its design has varied very little over the years. However, the company, under its new owners, has started manufacturing customized models and is currently considering producing a digital model.

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