The boat inspector's official name is 'Watercraft Inspection Stewards' and provides public education and outreach at boat launches to prevent aquatic invasive species spread.

The Lead Watercraft Steward and Inspection Stewards starting pay is $14 per hour and are full-time, seasonal positions. The Lead Watercraft Steward will start with paid/mandatory 3-day training from May 26th -28th, and duties start May 29th and run through Monday, September 6th with extra opportunities.

The Thousand Island Land Trust is looking to hire 10 Stewards with a Thursday through Monday workweek. Holiday and weekend work is required (Memorial Day, Monday following July 4th, Labor Day). Some local travel is also required. According to the press release:

Onondaga Environmental Institute has openings for the positions of Watercraft Steward and Lead Watercraft Steward. These are part-time positions. Watercraft Stewards conduct voluntary inspections of watercraft at public launches and educating watercraft users on how to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. Watercraft inspections entail removing & identifying plants & debris from boats & trailers & identifying aquatic invasive species. The Lead Watercraft Steward supervises watercraft stewards, assists with training, and enlists volunteer stewards as well as conducting watercraft inspections. The majority of hours will be weekends in the summer with some hours during the week.


Stewards will be responsible for monitoring two (2) boat launches within close proximity to each other and will operate with a high degree of independence. These responsibilities include:

  • Conducting watercraft inspections
  • Data collection
  • Administering voluntary surveys
  • Identification and management of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)
  • Interact with the public
  • Distribution of educational materials.

Applications are due by March 31st.

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