Get your Halloween scaring on with a trip to an 'abandoned' farm, featuring four different and terrifying attractions. From a haunted maze, to a creepy hayride and more, prepare to be terrified. All of the fright is just an hour from Utica.

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Frightmare Farms Haunted Scream Park is the kind of Halloween attraction that does its very best to scare the bejeebles out of you. Just one haunted attraction isn't enough - no - they've got 4 different terrifying experiences, each with their own backstory, and each scary enough to make you question whether you'll continue to the next.

The attractions include:

  • FRIGHTMARE FOREST HAUNTED HAYRIDE "Within the foothills of the sprawling Whitaker Estate lays a dormant town whose secrets are as haunting as the murderers and vagabonds who tortured the now-departed!"
  • WINTERS HARVEST - THE PROFESSOR’S ESTATE HAUNTED HOUSE "Whispers warn to watch out for these scarecrow beasts, who show no mercy as they forcibly settle in...they are determined to reap the souls of the living and survive this cold harvest season …but will you?"
  • THE 7TH BARN - THE CONDEMNED MINE TRAIL "There's a legend of a farmer who built seven barns for each of his respective children. Things seemed perfect until the 7th died during childbirth and the farmer lost his mind! Do you dare walk thru what remains?"
  • BLOOD BOUND - THE TWISTED LABYRINTH "The professor's most recent collection of creatures has been unleashed like never before! The twist and turns of the infamous labyrinth reveal that there is something new lurking behind every corner!"

If you think you're brave enough, you can purchase tickets at

Tickets are $30 for regular admission to all but the hayride, $45 fro VIP admission, and $17 for the hayride. The scream park is located at 4816 State Route 49, Palermo.


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