If you're really craving a good sausage roll, there are a good amount of places that do them. These 7, however, do them the best.

One of the reasons Utica is such an amazing city is the number of unique dishes it has. Go to Albany, Syracuse, or any other hub city in New York State and try to find this many unique to the area dishes, it will be pretty hard to do so. In Utica, we have Riggies, Utica Greens, Tomato Pie, Upside Down Pizza, and of course, Sausage Rolls.

Of those, sausage rolls may be the real hidden gem. As someone who isn't originally from the Utica area, if you were to have mentioned what a sausage roll was, I would have had no idea. But, they are delicious and are one of the shining stars when it comes to food for the Utica and Rome area.

Like any other food, there are really good sausage rolls, but also really bad ones too. When you go to one or all of the seven listed below, you'll be guaranteed to get an incredible one. How did we come to the consensus below? On the 315 Menus Facebook page, a good amount of people chimed in to a request of where to find a good sausage roll.

It seemed like quite the landslide for who grabbed the number 1 spot, the vast majority of people said Roma's. While that might not be shocking, maybe one of the other 6 on the list is? Keep scrolling and maybe find a place you'd love to try.

The 7 Best Places To Get A Sausage Roll

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