We've already told you about Opus 40, sometimes known as "America's Stonehenge," a combination of natural and artistic beauty in Saugerties.

Wing's Castle - Andrew Cadwallader - Stonehenge

Well, it's got some competition (above) in New York State's "Mini Stonehenge" in Millbrook, which is located in Dutchess County and is just 35 miles from Opus 40, in the adjoining county of Ulster. The miniature version of the more famous prehistoric monument in England is just part of the Wing's Castle experience.

Credit: Andrew Cadwallader via Google Earth
Credit: Andrew Cadwallader via Google Earth

The process of building this medieval castle began in 1970. It was a labor of love for Peter and Toni Ann Wing and its still a work in progress. On their website, Toni says "it has become a live in art project." The Wings welcome visitors:

Stay here and hear the rest of the story about how the idea of a castle became a home. It was all accomplished using 80% recycled materials!

The bed and breakfast is open for tours or overnight stays. And there are a number of different types of rooms available, including:

  • The Dungeon
  • The Chamber Room
  • The Tower Room
  • The Cottage
  • The Annex Suite

There are restaurants, antique shops, and a great winery in the nearby village of Millbrook. And the Wings still live there full time:

We politely ask the public to please respect that this is the private residence of the Wing family who have opened their home to the public during specific business hours of operation. Unless you are a guest of the B&B there is absolutely no walking on the grounds without paid admission.

The phone number is 845-677-9085. Their website is wingscastle.com.


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