The New York State Police K9 unit is responsible for saving the life a hiker who suffered an injury and went missing in Herkimer County.

State Police say a man called 911 Saturday to report that his father had not returned home from a hike in the Town of Webb. The caller told them he had been hiking in a dense, wooded area and he had become worried.

Officials say upon receiving the call. New York State Police and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Rangers began an extensive search of the suspected area. The search party continued throughout the night, but they were unsuccessful in locating the man, according to authorities.

New York State Police via Facebook
New York State Police via Facebook

State Police say they continued the search on Sunday and a K9 unit was called in to assist. Upon bringing in the K9, officials were able to finally able to located the missing hiker who had suffered an injury to his leg. That injury was serious enough that the hiker was unable to move or walk to find help. Upon discovery of the hiker, officials also say he was experiencing symptoms of hypothermia.

Upon being discovered, the hiker was treated at the scene and transported to a local hospital for further evaluation and treatment. Had it not been for the hiker's son taking the step in contacting police and the K9 unit being called in to assist, who knows what would have been the fate of this man. Luckily, man's best friend isn't just for companionship. K9s save lives.

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