Did you ever wonder what is happening high above when you are out camping or having a good time outside at night? With infinite space overhead, the possibilities are endless. But is what you are seeing just your imagination or are there other things at work that can be explained?

If you were outside in New York recently, perhaps you noticed this strange string of lights that looked like little dots lighting up the nigh sky. There may be a good explanation for it.

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These definitely look like star link satellites!

Starlink is a satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX, providing satellite Internet access coverage to 39 countries.

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It would be easy to think that this was some sort of cosmic phenomenon. Seeing one satellite float is pretty common for those who live in an area away from city lights. But seeing so many at once? Really unique experience!

This week, satellites that launched as part of the ninth and 10th batches are expected to be visible from parts of Europe and North America. These batches launched on June 13 and August 7 respectively. Each batch contains around 60 satellites.

We just started to camp with our three sons. Because our kids are so young, they are typically in bed early. But this is something that I hope that we can witness in person sometime soon. The good news is, you can actually track these satellites and see when and where they will pop up overhead.

It looks like people around Syracuse will get a good look at the satellites Wednesday night.

8:35 pm, 24 Aug 2022
Starlink-55 (G4-27) (new), BRIGHT (3.0) for 4 mins
Look from NORTHWEST to SOUTHEAST (details)
Elevation (from horizon): start: 10°, max: 76°, end: 15°

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