It's almost Boilermaker training season. Are you going to register for the 2019 race? Here's info on some changes coming to the registration process.

Early access registration opens up for the 42nd Boilermaker Road Race on March 7th. This year there are some differences in registering, but WKTV reports that much will stay the same.

1) Registration opens March 7th at 12PM for those who finished the race in an allotted time or deferred, has a one week head start and can register at 2018 prices.

2) Open registration opens March 15th at 12PM

Anyone who finished last year's race, should be getting an email right now. But if that email address has changed make sure to alert the Boilermaker NOW.

“The email is going to be sent to the address provided by you the runner last year for registration so if you haven’t changed your email address – you're in great shape, you will be all set. But if you did change your email address and didn’t notify us, you could be left out in the cold,” said Boilermaker Race Director Jim Stasaitis.

This year, early access registration is $55 for the 15K and $40 for the 5K.

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