One customer received a terrifying shock when she discovered a milk snake had coiled itself under one of the shopping carts at Wegmans. Laua Walitsk was more than a little surprised when she discovered the snake at her Pittsford Wegmans.

No, this was not fake and no it wasn't dead. That would have been about the time that I would have beat feet for as far away from that shopping cart as I could get.

Laura Walitsky, on the other hand, remained very calm and told her daughter to tell someone in customer service. Walitsky spotted two helping hands workers and flagged them down to assess the situation. Laura asked "What do you think we should do with this?" One ran to get a manager.

Wegmans spokesperson Valerie Fox stated; "This was an isolated incident." Ultimately a helping hands worker removed the snake from the shopping cart and placed it in a wooded area by the store.

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