November means the heart of hunting season in Central New York. We're partnering with Mayhood's Sporting Goods in Norwich to give you a place to show off. Share photos of your hunt with Show Us Your Rack to win a $150 gift card from Mayhoods.

Whatever you bagged while hunting this year, Deer, Turkey, Bear, Bobcat, etc share a pic and we'll share it with the world. Plus you'll be in the running for the gift card.

Fill out the form below to submit your photo. Or send us a pic thru WOUR's free app.

WOUR Show Us Your Rack

Share a photo of your hunt, we'll share it with the world. Plus put you in the running for $150 gift card to Mayhood Sporting Goods in Norwich. We'd love to hear a story about your hunting trip too, if you want to share it at the bottom.
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