The Oneida County Sheriff's Office is still investigating a hit-and-run incident that occurred between a vehicle and a horse and buggy.

According to Sheriff Rob Maciol, the accident happened on Route 46 in the Town of Boonville.

Witnesses at the scene saw a gray Chevy Cruze traveling south. Going in the same direction on the west shoulder was the horse and buggy being driven by Cynthia Porter. It was discovered that the gray Cruze left its lane of travel missing the rear horse, but striking Miss Porter's horse in the side.

Initially the Cruze left the scene of the accident before being chased down by a bystander. The driver then returned to the scene, only to flee again before law enforcement could arrive.

Miss Porter was not injured in the accident, but the Sheriff's Office says the horse is being treated by a vet. The investigation is ongoing.

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