Adam Sandler is about to have a… good time. Sorry, I’m sorry.

The latest rumor flitting around the film news cycle is that of Sandler potentially replacing Jonah Hill in the Safdie brothers’ next movie, titled Uncut Gems. This revelation comes from a Tracking Board report about Sandler’s next movie starring Jennifer Aniston that will be the latest to fill out his Netflix contract. That movie is called Murder Mystery, and sees Sandler and Aniston becoming unwitting suspects in the murder of a foreign billionaire. But the real news here is that Sandler might be in a movie by Josh and Benny Safdie.

Uncut Gems is a movie about New York City’s diamond district and originally had Jonah Hill in the lead, but now it’s reported that there might have been a cast shakeup. Not much else is known about the plot or the rest of the cast at this time, but the Safdies have plenty of stuff they’re working on at the moment, including trying to get another Robert Pattinson project off the ground and directing a remake of 48 Hrs.

This hasn’t been confirmed yet by any of the trades or by A24, the studio behind Uncut Gems, but given Sandler’s penchant for just kinda doing whatever these days, it could very well be true. He still has a few movies left in the film contract with Netflix, but has been doing plenty of other projects between them. That said, it would be a shame to lose Jonah Hill, who really is one of the funniest, weirdest actors working today and would probably be fantastic in a Safdie drama. We won’t know for sure until somebody working on the project confirms or denies it.

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