A Rome woman is looking for the good Samaritan who paid for her mother's groceries at just the right time.

The act of kindness happened at the Walmart in Rome on Friday, March 12th. Sandy Balcom was shopping with her mother and had paid for her groceries already. "I took them to the car and went back in the store to help my mom," she said. "As she was paying for her groceries I took her cart out and put them in the car as well."

Sandy's mother was paying with a check but she says she couldn’t find her license. "This very nice guy that was in line behind her paid for her groceries but she didn’t get his name."

Sandy and her mother want to return the money to the man who was so generous. "He was with his wife or girlfriend and was wearing a reddish colored sweatshirt I believe." said Sandy. "His wife/girlfriend had blond hair. I’m hoping if enough people get the word out, maybe he will see it and respond back."

While in line, Sandy says her mother dropped a jar. "Mom was joking around with him and blamed him for dropping the jar and making a big mess. If he gets in touch with us, he'll know what it was that she dropped."

Sandy turned to social media in hopes of finding the nice gentleman. "I don’t want to give out to many details because we don’t want the wrong person to take credit for it."

If you were the nice man who helped cover the grocery bill at Walmart in Rome on Friday, March 12, please reach out to Sandy on Facebook. "We honestly do appreciate him for doing that. There’s still good people out there after all."

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