A police officer in Roscoe (home of the famous Roscoe Diner on Route 17), just a couple hours south of Utica, recently did a really nice thing.

Our men and women in blue have always had a tough job. But, it seems other issues have coincidentally occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic to increase the difficulties inherent in law enforcement. So, stories like this one stand out even more.

Trooper Brandon Smith was at a gas station near his home base when he encountered a man whose credit card had been compromised. The man simply had no other form of payment to use for a fill-up. Smith ended up using his own personal credit card to pay for the man's gasoline, so he could cover the 75 miles he needed to cover to get back home. Here's the post from the State Police's Facebook page:

Smith's selfless act of good samaritanism has been shared over one thousand times and has generated hundreds of good comments. You can read them by clicking on the Facebook account above.

The New York State Police Facebook page also has some great material on the 19th anniversary of 9/11 and is featuring wonderful tributes to some of its officers who fell in the course of duty while helping others.

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