I have never actually owned a pick-up truck. I have always wanted one. At one point in my life, I shared one with the guy I call husband number 2. We actually bought it with the money I got from selling my wedding ring from husband number 1. I think there is a country song in there somewhere. Anyway, when we broke up, he got the truck.

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So why do I and so many folks who live in the Hudson Valley want to own a pickup truck? Simple. In this part of New York, the Hudson Valley practically requires you to have one for everyday things, and of course stuff that's fun.

Truck Use in the Hudson Valley

Driving around in the Hudson Valley, you see trucks everywhere. Some trucks are obviously trucks people use for their job, but others are serving a different purpose. Many trucks we see on the roads in Kingston, Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, and Middletown are being used for recreational or personal reasons.


How Many People Buy Light Duty Trucks?

Before I dive into some of the reasons why people in the Hudson Valley want to drive a truck, let's hit some statistics. According to a survey by Statista.com, sales of light-duty trucks have been steadily climbing since 1980. There was one dip in the late 2000s, but since then, sales have more than recovered.


What is a Light-duty Truck?

To clarify the statistics from Statista.com, I should also mention that the vehicles classified under light-duty trucks according to Car and Driver include:

pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), vans, and minivans ...... Light-duty trucking is a United States designation for trucks and vehicles that have a gross vehicle weight of up to 8500 pounds and payload capacities up to 4000 pounds. (caranddrive.com)


Reason Why You Need a Truck in the Hudson Valley

Things You Need a Truck for in the Hudson Valley

Let's face it Hudson Valley at some point in your life you wished you had a truck. You may have even gone as far as to say if you had a truck you would have other things like a boat or a camper. Check out the list of things in the Hudson Valley that you need a truck to do even if it is only to make it more fun.

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