A popular pharmacy chain with several locations in Central New York will close 63 stores.

Rite Aid announced it will start closing dozens of stores across the country to cut costs and more closures could be on the way.

The first phase of the store closure program will reduce costs, drive improved profitability and ensure that we have a healthy foundation to grow from, with the right stores in the right locations, for the communities we serve and for our business.

63 stores will be closed in the first phase, but the exact locations have not been released. Some started closing up shop in November with more expected in the coming months. And there could be even more closures on the way.

The Company anticipates the number of closures to increase as it finalizes the review over the next several months.

Rite Aid Stores in Central New York

Rite Aid has approximately 2,500 stores across 19 states with 318 in New York State.

New Hartford

The store closures are expected to save the company approximately $25 million. Employees impacted by the store closures are being offered opportunities at other locations.

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