No one really knows how or why Ponyhenge came to be.

But if you drive a little under four hours east of Utica, you'll stumble across a hoard of abandoned fake horses, and you might just leave feeling a little unsettled.

According to Atlas Obscura, the first hobby horse showed up in Lincoln, Massachusetts sometime in 2010, but no one knows exactly where it came from. Some say it was left behind from a local kid's lemonade stand. Others think the first pony was a left behind or forgotten relic from holiday decorations. Regardless of where the horse came from, it started an eerie trend that's now 11 years in the making.

Plastic horses, metal horses, rocking horses, even figurines of horses: They're all present at Ponyhenge, and the herd only keeps growing. Luckily, the folks that own the land are happy to let the mysterious, albeit kind of creepy, tradition live on, as they told the Boston Globe in 2015.

"There was something lovely about it being anonymous, and now every time we go away, another one appears," the owner told the Boston Globe.

Some days the horses are in straight lines, and on other days, they wind up in circles. There has to be someone moving the horses and keeping the mystery of Ponyhenge alive, but to this day, it remains just that: a mystery.

If you'd like to visit the ever-changing and ever-growing Ponyhenge, just set your GPS to 39 Old Sudbury Rd. Lincoln MA. While it's technically on private property, the owners are gracious enough to let anyone visit.

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