For the first time in five years, Pepsi has dropped a new flavor into their lineup that will be around permanently. This time: it's Mango Pepsi, and apparently it's really good. It's already available in Utica/Rome stores.

Pepsi says the new flavor has "bright citrus and rich caramel notes of an ice-cold Pepsi create the perfect cola base for the ripe, juicy flavors that make mango so irresistible." You can pick it up in both regular, or a sugar free version.

"Our consumers are always looking for new and exciting flavors, so we couldn't be more excited to introduce them to Pepsi Mango," Pepsi's Vice President of Marketing Todd Kaplan said in a press release.

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"Mango is one of the most popular fruits in the world, and it serves as the perfect complement to Pepsi, creating an irresistible combination that our fans can enjoy everywhere throughout the year."

Although we haven't had the chance to try it yet, one of our co-workers saw it in stores and decided to take the taste test himself. Boris said he and those who tried it with him considered it a "home run."

The whole team loved the tropical flavor combination of cola and mango. Before even drinking it, a pleasant mango aroma hit the nose. Once we took a sip, the flavor held up, with just enough mango to balance out the cola. While sometimes these fruity colas can be a bit too sugary, this one wasn't overly sweet, but still had an authentic mango taste.

We've seen it stocked at Walmart stores in Utica, New Hartford, Rome and Oneida just to name a few. Are you excited to try it, or are you skeptical? Let us know your thoughts inside the station app.

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