The New York State Legislature has come to an agreement on putting cameras on school bus stop sign arms. One video captured on a Norwich School District proves why it's important they did.

A video released on the Norwich City School District Facebook page shows a bus driver literally saving a student's life from an illegally passing car. Not only did the car pass on the wrong side of the bus, but it narrowly ran down the male student who was exiting the bus.

The video shows the bus driver, Samantha Call, quickly grabbing the passenger by his sweatshirt as the vehicle speeds past the stopped bus. You can see the video below.

The incident happened on Friday, April 26th, 2019 at 10:44 a.m. The bus was stopped and her red lights were flashing. Call without a doubt interceded in an almost certain tragedy. NCSD Transportation Supervisor William Loomis said,

Samantha did an outstanding job. All of our drivers undergo continuous training so they're prepared to handle situations like this. We hope this video helps everyone to realize the dangers of passing a stopped school bus.

Supporters of the passed legislation say it will save lives. They believe drivers will be more hesitant to pass stopped school buses if they know they're being recorded. Governor Cuomo intends to sign the bill into law.

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