New York State’s requirement that face masks be worn in just about all indoor public settings is still in place until at least Friday, January 28 when the next round of court arguments about the mandate are due to take place.

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An Appeals Court Judge has backed the call by Governor Kathy Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James to temporarily allow enforcement of the mandate until an appeal can be heard on the Supreme Court ruling Monday, January 24 that deemed the order unconstitutional.

Both James and the Governor issued statements following the Appellate Court judge granting the motion to stay Monday’s Supreme Court’s Monday ruling, praising the “stay.”

James says nearly three years into the pandemic, it’s been shown wearing a mask saves lives while the Governor applauded the Attorney General for filing the motion and the Appellate Division for keeping the regulations in place.

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The Attorney who filed the challenge of the mandate on behalf of a group of parents vows to continue the fight.

Meanwhile, schools and businesses across the state are struggling to deal with the confusion sparked by the rulings.  Some schools and businesses quickly dropped requiring masks when the Supreme Court ruling came down only to have to scramble to put mandates back in place to comply with the Appellate Court decision while waiting for more courtroom drama later this week and possible changes again.

Some business owners said it was just easier to keep the requirement in place, as individual shops and restaurants can set their own rules, rather than add to the confusion by requiring, not requiring then requiring masks again.

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