The Coronavirus has created a brand new world in all facets of our lives, and recreation is no exception. The good news: golf may be one of the few pandemic-friendly sports.

Even though New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has imposed restrictions on outdoor exercise and activity at softball fields, parks and other venues, golf is a go at many courses. As of Wednesday, March 25, the Empire State Development office has determined golf courses throughout New York State can operate under the current New York COVID-19 restrictions, if using appropriate precautions outlined by the New York State Parks Department on this website:

Courses are taking steps to help stop the spread of COVID-19, including increased intervals between tee times, removing ball washers and bunker rakes, and temporarily banishing tandem golf carts.

CLICK HERE for general FAQs related to COVID-19 and the Rules of Golf. Also be prepared for the imposition of additional or different local club rules and regulations, as we recently pointed out HERE.

Handshakes, fist-bumps and high fives should be avoided--even in the case of celebrating a rare hole-in-one. And absolutely NO SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS for the massive galleries of adoring fans.

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