Under the latest mandates from New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and various health organizations, outdoor recreation will still be permitted during coronavirus quarantine procedures.

This is great news for golf courses and golf enthusiasts...if the snow ever clears. Many courses and clubs are planning for a good season. And new rules and safety measures are being adopted. Ray Sardelli, the general manger of the Cedar Lake Club in Clayville, recently sent a notice to the club's members which may become the new normal at many golf courses for a while.

  1. All rakes will be removed from bunkers. All bunkers will be played as lift, clean, and place in a good lie.
  2. Water coolers will be removed.
  3. Ball washers are not in use.
  4. Range balls will not be available.
  5. No garbage cans or benches will be present on the course.
  6. Cups will be raised above ground level to prevent players from reaching down into them for their ball. Any ball that comes in contact with the cup will be considered good. Please do not adjust the cups.
  7. We ask that players refrain from touching the flagsticks. Please putt with the flags in.
  8. Post-round handshakes will be discouraged.

So, get your swings and elbow bumps ready to go for 2020 golf. Can you think of any other special rules that should be applied?

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