Here in New York, one hawk is a pretty dangerous bird to humans. Yes, humans.

One New York hawk is currently on the prowl on Long Island in Northport. According to NBC New York, police say a local red-tailed hawk has attacked at least 17 people since just 2020. Apparently the problem is only getting worse.

One of those attacked, Eric Preis, said it happened to him right in his own backyard, in Northport. The attacker, Preis said, nests in the trees there, and has an "incredible" wingspan."

Another victim captured video of the bird right before the aerial assault. 17 people have reported a hawk attack in the past two years. Seven out of those 17 have required medical attention.

"People are just jogging by or walking and the bird just swoops down and tries to hit them in the head," Mayor Donna Koch said. That's a problem for Northport, where people are walking or jogging every day.

Federal and state environmental officials have been called in to help. CBS News reports that experts believe the larger female is the aggressor. In 2021, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports they trapped a juvenile, red-tailed hawk from the area, put a tracking band on it and relocated it to a Suffolk County park, but the incidents did not stop.

The DEC says the public should remain alert. If you see a hawk approaching, they recommend facing it, since hawks generally approach humans from behind. Be loud, wave your arms, be intimidating, and if all else fails, be ready to duck."

The village is not publicizing the exact location of the nest. They don't want people trying to hunt it down to take pictures, or disturb the current efforts to capture the bird.

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