Being at the right place at the right time saved a woman's life.

Putnam County Sheriff Deputy William Verrastro was driving on Route 9D in the Town of Philipstown when he noticed a car behind him suddenly veer off the road. The driver hit a tree and the car caught on fire.

Without thinking of his own safety, Deputy Verrastro immediately ran to help the unconscious driver who was trapped inside the burning vehicle. An unknown good Samaritan, who the Putnam County Sheriff's Department is trying to identify, stopped to help the deputy.

Deputy Verrastro was able to free the driver from the fiery crash. He carried her to safety just before the var burst into flames.

Credit - North Highland Fire Department
Credit - North Highland Fire Department

"Had it not been for the quick actions and teamwork in a life-threatening situation this woman would certainly have lost her life," said the Putnam County Sheriff's Office. "Bravo to everyone who assisted."

Stranger Become Heroes in Fiery Crash

2 strangers risked their own lives to save another in a fiery Westmoreland crash.

75-year-old Roger Combs of Oneida was coming home from Utica when he saw smoke on Route 5 in Westmoreland on June 21. A tow truck driver was already stopped at the scene of the crash when Combs arrived. Without a thought for their own safety, the 2 men worked together to pull the man out amid the flames.

Credit - Roger Combs
Credit - Roger Combs

Pylman was rushed to Upstate Medical ICU Burn Unit for treatment after the crash. Tragically, a week later he passed away from his injuries.

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