Who's that guy? The hero who risked his life to save another has been identified. And those that know him aren't surprised by his selfless actions.

Andy Parent of AJP Towing Service is the man seen in the epic picture, taken by Roger Combs who also stopped to help rescue Jack Pylman from his burning vehicle. "I saw the picture and recognized him immediately," Oneida City Police Sgt and PBA President Mike Burgess said. "Andy is well known to the Oneida Police Department, in a good way."

Credit - Roger Combs
Credit - Roger Combs

Burgess is one of many people who reached out to identify Parent, and they all said the same thing - they're not surprised to see Andy jump into action. It's just what Andy does.

"He wasn't called to the accident," Andy's daughter Noelle said. "He was just driving by when he saw the truck on fire and pulled over to help."

Credit - Roger Combs
Credit - Roger Combs

Combs was driving by too and stopped to help. "We both saw a guy who couldn't move, hanging partway out of the window," said Combs. "The fire was burning pretty good when we arrived."

Without a thought for their own safety, Roger and Andy worked to pull the man out amid the flames. "It was really hot," Combs said. "I had to back off for a second to get away from the heat but the man was screaming for help. What are you going to do."

Pylman is in critical condition at SUNY Upstate Hospital after suffering severe burns in the crash. The Oneida County Sheriff's Department said Pylman drove off the road and hit a telephone pole. The crash caused the car to roll over and burst into flames.

"Our thoughts are with the family," Noelle said. "We want to give them space while he is in critical condition, but we are hoping to hear he is doing better and is recovering well."

Both men who selflessly ran towards the flames to rescue Pylman from his burning vehicle are the true meaning of heroes. "My dad isn't the type that would look for recognition for this kind of thing, but I think he definitely deserves it," Noelle said.

Noelle isn't alone either. Everyone who reached out to identify Andy in the picture thinks so too, including Sgt Burgess. "Those men jumping in to help, definitely saved that guys' life. They are both heroes and deserved to be recognized for what they've done."

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