Take a look at some of the winners from last year and try to win some hardware for yourself this fishing season.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's (DEC) Angler Achievement Awards are back in full swing this fishing season. This program aims to recognize anglers for their big catches in several different categories.

Here are the categories:

Annual Award

This goes to the anglers who caught the three heaviest fish of the year. Anglers can compete by fishing a wide range of 42 different species of fish. Those who win receive an Angler Achievement Award pin. Those who win heaviest fish for their caught species wins a Certificate of Achievement.

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Fishing. Fisherman and trout. Dramatic.

Catch and Release

These awards go to the anglers who return their qualifying catch back into the water after catching it. Only 21 species of fish are allowed for this category. Those who qualify receive a distinctive Catch-and-Release award lapel pin.

Click here to view last years winners.

Largemouth Bass

State Record

Of course, there's always the chance of breaking a State Record. Any of the 42 different species of fish are eligible for this award. Those who break a record receive a custom engraved plaque, an Angler Achievement Award pin, and a Certificate of Achievement.

A young caucasian fisherman proudly holds up his first walleye of the day

If you're an active angler in New York State, why not put your name and fish in the running. In order to participate, there are official forms and other regulations you have to follow. You can view them by visiting the New York Angler Achievement Awards Program website.

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