We're taught to think of failure as a negative in favor of success and succeeding.  However, failure is a part of life and not only inevitable but necessary.  Without failure, there is no motivation to perform better...at least not as much.

Here comes a 'toy' designed to teach failure, and not necessarily how to fail, but how to handle what is bound to eventually happen.  It's called 'The Failure Toy'.


The company, 'Twenty One Toys' also has an Empathy Toy, an Improv Toy, and even Empathy Toy and Failure Toy Workshops as well as Empathy Toy Training.  According to the 'Twenty One Toys' website, many value the workshops as being beneficial to Team Building.

Ashley Anderson, Sales Mgmt Training Specialist at
ScotiaMcLeod said this:

“It was one of the best training sessions I've ever attended. I left feeling rejuvenated about my work, excited with the thought of how this could help so many of my peers, and also help me in the process.”

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