We love this! A local police department has taken the initiative to protect not only you but your dog too.

This "Official Pup Business” is with the Whitesboro Police Department and their new “Pup Patrol.”

Is your pup a professional escape artist? Do they like to go on unsupervised walks through our beautiful Village? Please send your pup’s information and a selfie of your pup to Sgt. Kopec at jkopec@whitesboropd.org. We will keep it on file so we can bring your pup home instead of puppy jail! [Whitesboro Police Department]

When registering your dog, be sure to include its name, address, phone number, and any special features like a birthmark. For example,  "Junior Puppy of the Day has clipped ears that help her Hooman identify her." Whitesboro PD also reminds you to keep a collar and tags on your pup to help identify them and make sure their paperwork and vaccinations are up to date for everyone’s safety.

The Whitesboro community loves this new program:

Shane: "Not only is this useful but very kind and comforting to see. Given how loved our pooches are. This makes me very proud to call Whitesboro my home. It's a simple act but an act of community, something not every town has."

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Michelle: "Love this!! Thank WPD, for looking out for our furry friends. "

Kathryn: "Bravo. You may have saved some sweet souls who have no voice."

Kimberly: "I absolutely love this!!!"

If your dog is not microchipped, you should consider it. There's a one-time fee to have it implanted by your veterinarian. On average, it's about  $45 and includes the registration in a pet recovery database. This will helps you recover your missing or stolen dog. If your pet was adopted from a shelter or purchased from a breeder, your pet might already have a microchip.

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