A New Hartford woman says she had a scary moment when she was harassed by a man on Woodberry Road while she was out for a run.

A New Hartford woman says she was approached by a man in a car who asked for directions, but when she kept going, he came back around and showed her pornographic images on a cell phone.

In a Facebook post, the woman says:

"Everyone please be careful just came in from a run and a white man in a black car with a baseball cap pulled up to me on Woodberry and asked for directions. I didn’t get near car he came back around and stuck his phone out the window showing a pornographic video. Please be careful and keep an eye out for him. I did not get the license plate."

The woman says she believes the car was a Black Honda Accord.

If have an experience like this, please contact the New Hartford Police Department.

Unfortunately, female runners should take extra safety precautions.

  • Leave the headphones at home, and stay aware of your surroundings.
  • Let someone know where you're going.
  • If possible, run with pepper spray.
  • Vary your schedule and running route.
  • Where possible, run where there are lighted streets and other people.


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