The New Hartford school community is coming together to support one of their own, a teacher battling cancer.

The New Hartford Hockey team, teachers, students, and parents are going to 'Red the Rink' on Senior Night, February 12th, in support of Heather Cornish, a Myles elementary school teacher. Heather was diagnosed with cancer in October.

Red t-shirts are being sold for $10 to benefit Heather Cornish. Kara Bisaccia, a elementary teacher in New Hartford, posted a photo of the dozens of t-shirts already purchased by fellow educators in the district. "The media can say what they want about teachers. My dining room table is piled high with shirts bought by teachers to support a fellow teacher in her cancer fight. Thank you New Hartford Hockey. Thank you New Hartford Teachers. You always, always rise up."

Credit: Kara Bisaccia
Credit: Kara Bisaccia

If you'd like to participate, you can attend Senior Night at the New Hartford Recreation Center on February 12th at 7pm. You can find more information on the Facebook event page.

If you'd like to support Heather Cornish by purchasing a t-shirt, you can do that by contacting Shelly Raiano at 315 796-5045. Teachers can contact Kara Bisaccia on Facebook.

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