The COVID-19 pandemic is one that is sure to make the history books in the future. To commemorate the moment and remember the time where Syracuse once had orange zone restrictions, breweries are teaming up.

According to, seven craft breweries located in the city of Syracuse collaborated recently on a limited release beer that marks the end of the state orange zone restrictions that had shut down their indoor tasting rooms from November to January.

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“We’ve taken everything 2020 threw at us and thrown it back!,” said Rockney Roberts, a partner at Willow Rock Brewing and the coordinator of the collaboration. Willow Rock is where the beer was brewed.

What kind of beer is it?

The brew is a red New England-style (hazy) IPA and the brewers deemed it "Escape From the Orange Zone." According to, it’s 6% alcohol, brewed with Paradigm, Gemini, and Emerald Spire hops that were grown at Chimney Bluffs Hoppery in Wayne County.

Escape From the Orange Zone debuted Saturday and is or will be available at the seven participating breweries: Willow RockEastwood BrewingMiddle AgesBuried AcornStout Beard, Anything But Beer, and Talking Cursive.

The idea for the beer came to light when the restrictions were still in place. The orange zones were part of Cuomo’s “micro cluster” strategy to contain the spread of Covid-19. The orange zone imposed locally in late November applied to all of Syracuse plus some close-in suburban areas. Bars, restaurants and tasting rooms could not seat people inside (though limited outdoor seating and takeout were allowed).

If you want to get your hands on it, make sure to do so ASAP because it's only available for a limited time.

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