It happens to everyone. You're excited that you finish college and once you step your foot out of that door, most of us are heavily in debt. Natty Light wants to help!

It only seems appropriate that Natty Light would help you after you've graduated since it probably spent a lot of your college experience with you. According to Thrillist, Natty Light may be the answer to your debt prayers.

For the third straight year, Natty Light is looking for people to help financially. Natty Light's parent company made the 10-year promise to spend $10 million through the Natural Light College Debt Relief Program and this is how they're going about it.

Natty Light will be giving away a total of $1million to various people across the country to help pay for student loans. All they ask is for a video "showing how you'd celebrate if your loans were paid off," make sure to include the Natty logo. Then, hashtag the video #NattyStories, #Contest, and #2020.

They also mentioned that they will send $100 via Cash App for anyone willing to rent their diploma but there are no details on what they plan to do with it. Interesting.


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