Motley Crue's soundtrack to The Dirt will feature four new songs, including a cover of Madonna's "Like a Virgin."

In a new interview, bassist Nikki Sixx talked about how he decided the band should record the 1984 post-disco pop hit. As he told Billboard, he thought of it while walking his dogs.

“When my mind’s open like that, these ideas pop in,” he said. “And [it] popped in my head, and I sort of, like, looked up, as if to laugh at God, and went, ‘You’re pretty funny.’”

At first, Sixx said he thought covering the Madonna song was "a really horrible idea," but then he ran it by producer Bob Rock and even made a demo. The other members of the band built upon the work, with Mick Mars contributing a "little gahnk-guh-guh-guh-guh-guh-gahnk" that's "a bit of a nod to Metallica, because [when] Metallica heard the Dr. Feelgood album, [they] used Bob Rock to make the Black Album," Sixx recalled. "It's kind of a nod back to those guys because we were workin’ with Bob again.”

Still, he said there was one aspect of the song's tracking that seemed a bit out of place. “It was weird to hear Vince [Neil] singing, ‘I’m like a virgin,'" he noted.

Sixx isn't sure if Madonna has heard the cover, but said, “She will soon, I imagine.” The soundtrack will be released on March 22, the same day the movie premieres on Netflix. “Maybe we can get her in the video,” Sixx added.



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