A woman in New York State is taking a lot of heat on social media after she let her 10-year-old son get a tattoo. Are people being too dramatic? Was this okay?

The story is kind of crazy.

At school, the 10-year-old kid walked into the nurses office to ask if she could put some vaseline on the tattoo. She had to think it was a joke at first. In fact, it was not. It was a tattoo all the way up the kid's arm that had his name tattooed in block letters.

That is when she called the police.

Come to find out that the 10 year old kid was staying at a motel in upstate New York with his siblings and his mom. Where did he get the tattoo from? There was a 'tattoo artist' who was living in the same motel who gave him the tattoo. The worst part is that the mom was not even there when it was happening.

Police did some asking and did find out that she DID give him permission to go to the other motel room with his siblings and get the tattoo.

So, what happened to the mom? Was she arrested? Yes. According to Daily Mail:

Thomas’s son and his sibling were taken in by child protective services.

Although she has been released from police custody it is not known whether she has custody of the children again."

What is going to happen? Can he get that removed when he is older? Have you ever had a tattoo removed?

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