We've been reading about "covidiots" in places like Florida and the Lake of the Ozarks. You know the type. People disobeying the rules and laws of social distancing, and even displaying destructive behavior during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Well, we've got some of our own covidiots to report in Central New York. In fact, right here in the Mohawk Valley. The folks at 12 North Sports Bar, the self-proclaimed "#1 Place To Go For Live Music, Sporting Events, Adult Sports Leagues, & Private Parties With Great Food & Drinks," were victimized by some senseless nimrods who decided to have some selfish enjoyment at the expense of others. In the words of the property owners, straight off their Facebook page:

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Hello all. We were away and closed this past Sat Sun Monday. I just wanted to thank all of the softball players who decided to play on our fields over the weekend. Bring their own beers, garbage, dogs...and best of all, have the nerve to turn on our field lights so they can play at night.....and then leave them on until I arrived late last night and turned them off myself. Good stuff. Unreal.

If you have any other information about this incident, you can reach out to the 12 North Sports Bar on their Facebook page. And if you have encountered any other uncomfortable incidents, please drop us a note and tell us all about it.

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