Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile is an upcoming new movie about the infamous American serial killer, Ted Bundy. Out on Netflix this Friday (May 3), Metallica's own James Hetfield landed a role in the movie. According to Zac Efron, who plays the charismatic killer, Hetfield "absolutely nailed the part."

In the movie, Papa Het plays none other than Bob Hayward - the highway patrolman who arrested Bundy for the very first time. How metal is that? This isn't the musician's first acting rodeo, though. He's worked previously with the movie's director Joe Berliner, who worked on the Metallica documentary Some Kind of Monster. 

Efron was interviewed last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and clapped at the mention of Hetfield. His role first intersects with the frontman's when his character rolls through a stop sign. Efron referred to the moment as "kinda like a dream come true," even though he was just acting.

"James Hetfield, to his credit, he came in and absolutely nailed the part, he just crushed it. It’s like he’s been acting his own life. He had no fear. He did a great job. I was ready to maybe give James Hetfield a tip or something, but he didn’t ask for a single one. James Hetfield is the shit! He's been through it all," Efron praises. Watch the full interview below.

Watch the trailer for the movie below.

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