When you see someone approach your home dressed as an employee who is supposed to deliver you gifts, you don't expect to be later tied up and robbed. That's allegedly what happened Monday afternoon, according to the NYPD, when a suspect disguised as a UPS employee forced their way into a home and tied up a couple and their grandkids. According to NBC, luckily no one was hurt, though this has to be one of the most traumatizing things to ever happen, especially so close to the holidays.

Police say one of the suspects forced their way into the apartment, while pushing a 60-year-old resident aside and then pulling a revolver out. An accomplice then followed him in, according to NBC, as the two allegedly used zip ties to tie up the couple, and their two grandkids. Police say they ransacked the home, and made off with a child's piggy bank, two iPhones, an iPad, cash, and some documents.

Law enforcement is currently investigating and is asking anyone with info to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

In other news, it was a wild scene Sunday morning as police were called to reports of an unruly customer who was allegedly spitting on and attempting to attack employees at a market. We have no word currently how this whole scuffle started and what escalated it, however, police have provided some details as to how it ended. Let's just say this suspect saw something she wanted to sink her teeth into.

WKTV says that the 23-year-old suspect would not cooperate with the arriving officers and even offered them a fake name. Officials ran a background check and found that the woman had an outstanding warrant for, you guessed it, providing false information to a police officer from a separate time. The arrest was reportedly not an easy one, as the suspect allegedly put up quite a struggle. That's when the woman bit one of the officers on the hand, causing "significant bleeding".

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The Hudson Valley, or the new Hollywood? The Hudson Valley has been featured in many movies over the years, and it's not stopping. From recent hits like A Quiet Place (2018) to modern- classic films like The Departed (2006), The Hudson Valley has been a low-key hot spot for locations. Due to tax incentives, beautiful locations, and the growth of independent filmmaking, the Hudson Valley will continue to thrive as a valuable destination for filmmakers.

So, we compiled a list of 25 Hudson Valley locations featured in film. This list includes blockbuster hits and independent films too. We hope you enjoy reading through, and learn more about The Hudson Valley and film!

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