Looking like a ride right out of a ZZ Top video, Mia Lopata drove to prom in style. A style her father, Jeremy once dreamed of taking to his own prom years ago. The special wheels? A '33 Ford 3 Window Coupe.

As if the car wasn't special enough, making it even more memorable it was a restoration project of Jeremy's grandfather and Mia's great grandfather, Fred Lomanto. He owned Clinton Body Shop and to the best recollection bought the car from a field near Jeremy's parent's house probably 40 years ago.

After retiring, Fred fully restored the car, doing everything himself except the interior. Jeremy and his brother and helped a little with the restoration project.

I used to tell my grandfather he needed to finish his car so I could drive it to my Prom. Pa would be happy to know Mia drove it to hers!!!

Don't feel too sorry for Jeremy, he took his Grandmother's '67 Firebird to his prom. His brother owns that car now and "my nephew took that to his prom two years ago." Check out photos of Mia's prom ride below.

Credit - Jeremy Lopata
Credit - Jeremy Lopata
Credit - Jeremy Lopata

Golfing Teen Gets Balls to Ask His Girlfriend to Par-Tee at Prom in Creative Promposal

Credit - Colleen Cox Gloude

It's prom season and that means promposals. Gone are the days of simply asking someone to prom. The new trend is elaborate or creative invitations and one Central New York teen may have one of the most unique.

AJ Paul is a junior at Camden High, where's he's on the school's golf team. He took his love of the sport and turned it into a way to ask his girlfriend, Kassidy Gloude, to prom this year.

"AJ told her he had something in the car for her," explained Kassidy's mom Colleen Cox Gloude. "When she went out to the car, the box was sitting inside the vehicle."

Prom? was written on the outside of the box. Inside was a bunch of golf balls with a note that read - I finally go the balls to take a swing & ask: Will you par-tee with me at prom?

Credit - Colleen Cox Gloude

"She chuckled and said yes," said Gloude

The couple have been dating for the last 2 years and with the last year being so difficult during the coronavirus pandemic, Gloude said AJ want to do something fun to ask Kassidy to prom. "It was just a cute promposal to make her smile and lift her spirits."

AJ and Kassidy will enjoy prom together Saturday, June 5 at Camden High School, something they and every other teen across the country, missed out on in 2020.

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