Joe's To Go Syracuse is located a block outside of downtown Syracuse on West Onondaga Street. Their exact address is 415 West Onondaga Street in Syracuse.

They are currently offering frozen desserts to go. Who doesn't love daiquiris and more on a hot Central New York day? You can read more on their Facebook page.

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How Did Joe's Get Started?

The owner of Joe's is Phyllis Moore. Phyllis worked in the Syracuse City School District for 37 years. When she retired back in 2014, Phyllis tells who Joe really is:

“I’m Joe,” said owner Phyllis Moore. “Joe represents everyone we cook for, and we cook for everyone.”

Joe’s to Go became Phyllis’ post-retirement career during 2019. The original concept was to sell entire meals, and the menu has changed a lot over time.

They created a menu with a few specialties and unique takes on traditional food. They also started offering daily specials.

You can read more online about them. The menu is posted at the restaurant’s Facebook page and GrubHub.

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