Get ready to see some shooting stars next week as the Leonid Meteor Shower becomes visible in Central New York.

Who doesn't like watching a meteor shower and seeing all those "falling stars" light up the night sky? It really is a breath-taking sight when you think about what you're actually seeing. And why not wish upon one of those shooting stars, and be like a kid again? Can't hurt, right?

Well, the Leonid Meteor Shower is coming up with an expected (maximum of) 20 meteors per hour. Unfortunately for us and our location, we'll probably see a lot less shooting stars. BUT, that doesn't mean we won't see any. According to, because the shower can be seen coming from the constellation "Leo," and "Leo" will be lower in our night sky, we're not going to see the peak of 20 meteors per hour. Actually, we're more likely to see about 3 meteors per hour. That just makes it more special, right?

According to, the Leonid Meteor Shower will peak on November 18th (But the best time to watch will be Saturday night into early Sunday morning). Unfortunately, not only does our location hinder our chances to see an unbelievable meteor shower, but so does the moon. It's not going to be a full moon, but it's going to be between first quarter and a full moon, so it's going to be pretty bright.

It looks like the Leonid Meteor Shower isn't going to be the best for Central New York this year, but there's still a chance to see some shooting stars. Why not take a few minutes on November 17 or (early) November 18 and "look up"?




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